Schleuniger PreFeeder 2200

Product Benefits

  • Pulls cables from racks, barrels and reels
  • High speed / high acceleration processing
  • Quick lock cam mechanism for fast changeover
  • Easy loading and unloading of cables

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    Technical Specification

    The PreFeeder 2200 is a free-standing, electrical prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 50 kg.

    A proven accumulator allows the PreFeeder 2200 to respond easily to the typical intermittent starting and stopping actions associated with automatic wire processing machines.

    Powerful and Versatile

    The PreFeeder 2200 has a powerful motor drive for feeding speeds up to 2.5 m/s. The large accumulator capacity of 3.8 m easily handles high speed / high acceleration processing.

    The wide belts of the PreFeeder 2200 pull cables up to 15 mm in diameter.

    Easy Loading and Quick Changeover

    Its powerful front-loading operating head makes it easy to load and unload cables for production changeovers. The PreFeeder 2200 has a specially designed ergonomic panel height with simple controls for easy access and operation.

    A universally adjustable cable guide eliminates individual guides – no need to change guides for different applications. Save time and forget about guides that have been misplaced.