Schleuniger PreFeeder 2500

Product Benefits

  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Simple operation and quick change-overs
  • Can be universally applied
  • Available with either accumulator or sag control

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    Technical Specification

    The PreFeeder 2500 is an active dereeler and the ideal feeding system for wire, small cables and tubing. It is a simple solution for large production output and offers an excellent price / performance ratio.

    The feeding process allows rapid acceleration of the motorized reel while maintaining low forces on the material being fed. Simple operation and easy handling when changing spools provide for short change-over times.

    Choose Between Different Versions

    The PreFeeder 2500 is available in a 40 kg or 80 kg version, based on maximum reel weight. Depending on your production needs, the PreFeeder 2500 can either be fitted with an integrated accumulator or be deployed with an external sag control (PreFeederControl 3).

    Dancer arm accumulator

    The accumulator with deflection pulleys stores up to 5.3 meter wire and allows for maximum acceleration at minimum stress on the wire – resulting in high production rates and consistent quality results of the processing machine. For optimum wire guidance, the wire is constantly kept under low tension by the dancer arm.

    PreFeeder 2500 with dancer arm accumulator

    • Ideal for flexible wires and tubes
    • Pullforce during process > 2.5 N
    • Large accumulator up to 5.3 m (17.39 ft)
    • High feeding dynamics
    Sag control
    Virtually tension-free prefeeding can be achieved using the PreFeederControl 3 sag control. A sensor constantly monitors the vertical position of the wire loop between processing machine and PreFeeder 2500. The dereeling speed is automatically adjusted according to the “sag” of the wire. In this system, the wire loop effectively acts as an accumulator.

    PreFeeder 2500 with PreFeederControl 3

    • Also for non-flexible (stiff) materials
    • Virtually tension-free prefeeding (< 2 N)
    • Smaller accumulator (approx. 1 m / 3.28 ft)
    • Medium feeding dynamics