Schleuniger PreFeeder 1000

Product Benefits

  • Accepts reels or loose coils of wire
  • Feed rate automatically adjusts to the rate of demand
  • Motorized reel for tension-free dereeling

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    Technical Specification

    The PreFeeder 1000 handles 300 mm reels weighing up to 20 kg and is ideal for tension-free prefeeding to an automatic wire and cable processing machine.

    The PreFeeder 1000 is universally deployable, as it accepts reels and loose coils of wire alike. It is suitable for a wide variety of wires, cables and tubes.

    The motorized reel is electronically controlled. Activated by a pendulum arm, the PreFeeder 1000 automatically adjusts the feed rate to the actual requirement of any downline machine (e.g. cut & strip machine) for tension-free prefeeding.

    Automatic Inline Cable Processing

    The PreFeeder 1000 can be easily integrated into a processing line as a stand-alone system.

    The PreFeeder 1000 in action with a PowerStrip 9500 RS