Schleuniger PreFeeder 60

Product Benefits

  • High feeding speeds
  • Optimized for use with fully automatic crimping machines
  • Suitable for difficult-to-feed wire bundles

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    Technical Specification

    The PreFeeder 60 prefeeding machine has been specially designed for use with fully automatic crimping machines such as the Schleuniger CrimpCenter models. It feeds wire and cable up to 6 mm² (9 AWG).

    A controlled roller drive feeds the wire into the accumulator from where it is pulled by the processing machine for further processing. This dynamic system ensures gentle and continuous feeding at the highest speed, even when using difficult to feed cable bundles (e.g. wire barrels, loose wires, cardboard boxes or Conipack).

    With a maximum feeding rate of 9 m/s  – depending on wire type and bundle, the PreFeeder 60 is an excellent solution to keep the production rate of the processing machine at a high level. Further features are height-adjustable feet and – as an option – a sensor for wire end detection.

    PreFeeder 60 in production line with CrimpCenter 61