Schleuniger HotStamp 4140

Product Benefits

  • High quality marking process
  • Suited for a wide range of applications, inluding flat materials
  • Simple integration into a processing line

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    Technical Specification

    The HotStamp 4140 is designed for economical high quality marking of wires, cables and tubing. Character combinations and character sizes are freely selectable. Although primarily used for marking wires and cables, the HotStamp 4140 is suitable for marking all sorts of thermoplastic materials.

    Excellent Marking Results

    During the process, the preheated stamping wheels with precision-lasered characters press a pigmented marking foil into the wire or cable. The concave form of the characters ideally matches the diameter of the material to be processed.

    Precise adjustment of stamping pressure, stamping time and temperature provide for highly accurate and repeatable results.

    Easy Integration into a Processing Line

    The HotStamp 4140 easily interfaces with any Schleuniger cut & strip machine or cutter. An optional foot pedal is also available for stand-alone operations.