Schleuniger WireStacker 3100

Product Benefits

  • Exceptional performance & flexibility
  • Stacks virtually unlimited cable lengths
  • Synchronized transport belts for even more careful handling

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    Technical Specification

    The WireStacker 3100 is a modular high-performance wire stacker for the precise, axial stacking of cables. The system consists of either a base element of 2.5 m or a base element with an extension to 5 m. The modules can be cascaded in combination according to required cable lengths. Built-in, synchronized driven transport belts allow cables to be stacked carefully and safely without the cable jamming, even for very flexible cables.

    The WireStacker 3100 base and extension modules are controlled by a cable processing machine via CAN-Bus. This allows the WireStacker 3100 to operate as a fully integrated part of a processing line. Apart from transporting the cable, the 45° tilted transport belt also provides for optimum guiding and a secured ejection of the cable.

    Give Your Processing Line the Edge!

    In order to maintain the quality of a carefully processed cable, it is highly recommended to use post-processing equipment such as a wire stacking or a cable coiling machine.

    Processing line with prefeeder (1), marker (2), processing machine (3) and wire stacker (4).