Schleuniger CableCoiler 4000

Product Benefits

  • Higher production rate & efficiency
  • Full synchronization with MegaStrip 9600
  • Easy menu-driven programming
  • Ergonomic handling of heavy coils
  • Programmable diameter of the coil

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    Technical Specification

    The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized heavy-duty cable coiling machine designed to interface with the MegaStrip 9600. It coils cable up to an inner diameter of 600 mm and handles cable coils weighing up to 80 kg.

    Thanks to its flexibility, easy programming and ergonomic handling, the CableCoiler 4000 is a perfect solution to improve the production rate as well as the efficiency in a production line.

    Synchronization with the MegaStrip 9600

    The CableCoiler 4000 operates with the MegaStrip 9600 in a fully synchronized mode. The cable is fed from the MegaStrip 9600 through a guide directly to the coiler pins. The CableCoiler 4000 coils the cable simultaneously to the feeding speed of the MegaStrip 9600. After the coiling process, the coiler pins retract and the safety cover opens. The coiled cable can easily be removed from the machine.

    Coiled cable on the turntable with retracted pinsĀ for easy removing of the coiled material