Jacket Stripping Machines

Semi-automatic cable and wire jacket stripping machines for round and out-of-round cables. Due to the unique cutting concepts the machines can process a wide range of applications.

Schleuniger JacketStrip 8310

The JacketStrip 8310 axially and radially slits the insulation of out-of-round and multi-conductor cables from 2.5 - 25 mm O.D. and up to 500 mm in stripping length without any damage to the inner conductors or shielding.

Schleuniger JacketStrip 8400

The JacketStrip 8400 is a heavy-duty, automatic machine for the stripping of jackets or insulation from thin round cables to difficult, hard-to-process power cables with an outer diameter (OD) up to 26mm.

Z + F AB 01

The AB 01 strips different insulated wires up to an outside diameter of 11.9 mm