Schleuniger JacketStrip 8310

Product Benefits

  • Processing of out-of-round and twisted pair cables
  • No blade changes required
  • Intuitive programming via color touch screen
  • Digital display of axial and radial blade depths
  • Universal 4 jaw cable centering system with wayback function

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    Technical Specification


    The JacketStrip 8310 axially and radially slits the insulation of out-of-round and multi-conductor cables from 2.5 – 25 mm O.D. and up to 500 mm in stripping length without any damage to the inner conductors or shielding.

    A rotating blade ensures precise radial slitting of the cable jacket. Optionally, the cable jacket can be slit lengthwise while extracting it from the machine. After the slits have been made, the insulation jacket can easily be removed by hand.

    This unique floating blade system even allows the processing of out-of-round and twisted pair cables without damaging the core material.

    JacketStrip 8310 floating blade system: Round or out-of-round cable jackets can be processed withoug damaging the underlying cable layers