DDM Novastar SPR-20 Manual Stencil Printer

Product Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • "Foil Frame" Option
  • Dual Squeegee

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    Technical Specification

    The SPR-20 benchtop, manual stencil printer is designed for low to medium volume assembly runs. Precise X,Y, Z,and theta axis controls allow for accurate,consistent deposition of solder paste or masking material for SMT. This durable,easy-to-use system provides repeatable and reliable results.


    • True theta adjustment (from exact centre point) to enhance alignment ease

    • Independent 4 point Z axis leveling

    • Complete printing kit provides polyurethane squeegee & holder, one tubular frame, and Lexan® fixture for easy registration set-up

    Maximum print area:    12” x 15” (305 x 380mm)

    Adjusts to various size frames:    No

    Adjustable dual squeegee pressure/speed:    Manual

    Vacuum hold-down option:    No

    Linear squeegee guide:   No

    Adjustable angle of attack:   Manual