DDM Novastar SPR-45 Automated Stencil Printer

Product Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Adjustable power sweep squeegee
  • Power Frame Lift

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    Technical Specification

    Automated Stencil Printing using the SPR-45 with power sweep squeegee and power frame lift for higher volume and automatic production with fine pitch applications. User-friendly precision controls make operation of these stencil printers simple and easy.

    • Adjustable power sweep squeegee for printing with single or dual passes.
    • Dual squeegee for clean and convenient application of solder paste
    • Linear ball bearing guide assures smooth squeegee stroke with its unique adjustable angle-of-attack for precise single or dual direction printing
    • Fine X, Y, Z, and theta adjustments for exact stencil-to-board print alignment
    • Adjustable frame holder compatible with any tubular or cast framed stencils up to 584mm x 584mm outside diameter
    • Power frame lift
    • Single knob Z axis self leveling adjustment
    • Nesting kit option (DNK) for easy handling of double sided boards
    • PCB vacuum hold-down option
    • Ability to print flex circuits with vacuum option