SPR-45 Technical Specifications

Product Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Adjustable power sweep squeegee
  • Power Frame Lift
Linear squeegee guide automatic
Adjustable power sweep squee-gee for single or dual passes yes
Dual squeegee yes
adjustable angle of attack no
Adjustable dual squeegee pressure/speed pneumatic/ pneumatic
Automatic power frame lift yes
X & Y adjustment ± 0.500” (12.7mm)
Z axis adjustment 0 to 5/8” (16mm)
  single knob, self leveling
Theta adjustment Counter rotating dual knobs, ± 5° range
Adjusts to various size Frame holder accepts
frames any size stencil frame
  up to 23” x 23”
Clear Lexan® fixture yes
for initial registration (for X,Y and Ø)
Unique “foil-frame” option yes, models FF-40/45
Nesting kit option for double sided PCBs yes
Vacuum hold-down option yes
Metal squeegee option yes
Maximum print area 16” x 18”
  406 x 457mm
Outside frame dimensions 23” x 23”
  584 x 584mm
Approximate weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Weight with stand option 207 lbs (93.9 kg)
Overall dimensions 30”W x 35”L x 16”H
  762 x 900 x 406mm
Height with stand option 47” (1194mm)