Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5200

During the development of the CoaxStrip 5200, great importance was attached to designing the machine in a cost-effective manner and dispensing with rarely used functions and options. No compromises, however, have been made with regard to quality, with the extremely accurate, tried-and-tested stripping head being just one of the features that has been taken over from the CoaxStrip 5300.

The programmable CoaxStrip 5200 stripping machine handles coaxial cables with an external diameter ranging from 1.1 to 7mm. Thanks to the universally designed blades and centering and clamping jaws, all types of cable can be handled without the need for making any mechanical settings. As a result, the machine does not have to be put in an idle state in order to effect a changeover, thereby increasing production output.

Besides offering easy access to the working area and optimal LED lighting, the machine is very easy to use. Its intuitive, menu-driven data input system controlled via touch panel ensures that cable programs can be created, saved and opened very quickly.

The machine is also very aesthetically pleasing thanks to its extremely modern and practical design.

Thanks to its major flexibility, high levels of productivity and user-friendliness, not to mention its attractive price, the CoaxStrip 5200 guarantees high added value and very quickly pays for itself.


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