Schleuniger ESU 6

Product Benefits

  • Very simple handling
  • Efficient and quick cleaning
  • Cleaning directly under the optics possible
  • No waiting time
  • Environmentally-friendly

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    Technical Specification

    Cleaning of Surface (Electrolyte Staining)

    The ESU 6 Electrolyte Staining Unit is a component of the MicroGraph System for the creation of high quality cross-sectional images of crimp connections and others.

    Complete MicroGraph System

    After being cut and sawn, samples are environmentally-friendly cleaned with the ESU 6 using innovative electrolyte staining technology.

    Simple, Quick & Clean

    Contrary to common etching methods, the ESU 6 doesn’t use aggressive chemicals to remove dirt or impurities. The electrolyte staining process is environmentally-friendly and much safer than traditional methods. The solution has a pH value similar to water between 6.5 and 7.5 and the staining process requires a very low electrical current. Because the solution is not acidic, no toxic fumes are created during the process. Therefore, a cut and polished surface can quickly be cleaned directly under the microscope. Results are immediately visible and time-consuming re-work or waiting times are completely eliminated.

    Cleaning of the surface directly under the MacroZoom Unit MZU 1.3 . User interface with CrimpLab® software