Schleuniger SPU 6

Product Benefits

  • Excellent cutting results
  • Sawing & polishing in one working step
  • Ideal for small contacts down to 0.03 mm²
  • Cross section range up to 6 mm²

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    Technical Specification

    Sawing & Polishing of Samples

    The SPU 6 Saw & Polishing Unit is a component of the MicroGraph System for the creation of high quality cross-sectional images of crimp connections and others.

    The SPU 6 easily saws (cuts) and polishes wire of 0.03 – 6 mm² (AWG 32 up to AWG 10) or a crimp height of 8.5 mm (0.33″). Most terminals being processed by Schleuniger crimping machines, stripper-crimpers and fully automatic crimping machines are within this cross section range. The motor control with continuous adjustment guarantees a constant revolution speed.

    Each connection to be tested (= test sample) is secured in a sample holder that can be inserted easily into the saw & polishing unit (SPU) using a tool-less, quick-change mechanism. The sawing and polishing processes are combined in one unit which saves time compared to separate units. Test samples can be prepared in one step without having to remove the sample holder.

    Cutting surface –
    not polished
    Cutting surface – polished

    The SPU 6 already achieves an excellent cutting surface prior to polishing which can further be optimized using different sawing blades for different materials or small wires down to 0.03 mm².