Schleuniger MZU 1.3

Product Benefits

  • Precise results in real-time
  • Simple connection and installation with standard PC
  • Clear illumination with LED ring light
  • Analysis according to international standards
  • Quality software for measuring and analysis

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    Technical Specification

    Microscope with USB Camera

    The MZU 1.3 MacroZoom Unit is a component of the MicroGraph System for the creation of high quality cross-sectional images of crimp connections and others.




    Complete MicroGraph System

    The sawn (cut) and polished sample can be easily positioned under the optics of the MacroZoom Unit MZU 1.3 without removing the sample from the sample holder. The microscope with LED ring light and integrated USB 2.0 camera provides a real-time picture, so that the surface cleaning process using the ESU 6 (Electrolyte Staining Unit) is executed directly under the MZU 1.3 optics. Once the surface is cleaned and all strands are clearly visible, a high-resolution picture of the cross-sectional view is taken and saved on the PC for measuring and further analysis.

    Analysis According to International Standards

    The CrimpLab® analysis software package that comes with the MZU 1.3 allows measuring according to international norms required in industries such as the Automotive industry. Various measuring possibilities, layer-technology and labelling functions provide for high-precision analysis and user-friendly administration of cross-sectional views. The software can be installed on a standard PC and connecting the MZU 1.3 is simple using a standard USB 2.0 interface.

    CrimpLab® Software user interface with cross-sectional view of a crimped connection