Schleuniger ACO 05

Product Benefits

  • High process reliability & repeatability
  • Very suitable for crimp high quality network
  • Officially approved by leading car manufacturers as a high-quality, reliable system
  • PC interface & WinCrimp PC software included

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    Technical Specification

    Crimp Force Monitor

    Schleuniger’s ACO 05 crimp force monitor is a versatile, user-friendly system designed to electronically monitor each crimp and compare the measured value to a known good reference crimp. Its standard PC software captures basic statistical parameters while monitoring crimp curves. It serves as an ideal companion to Schleuniger’s full line of crimping equipment.

    The Schleuniger ACO 05 crimp force monitor offers 100% inspection for your crimping operations. A piezoelectric force sensor placed under the applicator measures the crimping force. The monitor creates a series of time-force curves during the reference phases to arrive at a reference signature. Each subsequent crimp is compared to the reference curve and the specified tolerance range. The ACO 05 will automatically indicate whether a crimp is acceptable or not.

    The ACO 05 can be mounted on crimping or strip & crimp machines such as UniCrimp 200 or StripCrimp PP3 by your local Schleuniger sales & service representative.

    Schleuniger machines with integrated crimp force monitoring such as the StripCrimp 750 CFM use a built-in version of the same system.

    Simple & Easy, But Yet Refined

    Crimp force monitors have typically been very complex. The ACO 05 user interface and software were designed with simplicity in mind. The display is easy to read and there are only five buttons to scroll through the simple software. Additional and more complex functionalities are part of the package and readily available – if they are needed.

    The ACO 05 includes a PC interface and the WinCrimp PC software, so crimp curves can be analyzed on a PC if desired. A printer interface allows you to automatically print out crimp monitor data at the end of each batch.

    WinCrimp PC Software

    Information such as customer name, work order number, wire part number, terminal number and applicator number can be attached to the data so that your customer can verify the information. All files are time and date coded and the serial number of the test device is attached as well for future traceability.

    Form A Full Crimp Quality Network

    As your operation grows, multiple units can be networked together and all monitored from one PC by utilizing the WinCrimp Software Package.


    Up to 127 other devices such as Schleuniger pull test devices and KMF crimp height measurement devices can be incorporated into the network to form an entire crimp quality network, significantly increasing the efficiency of documenting crimp quality testing data.