Schleuniger CHM Crimp Height Measuring

Product Benefits

  • Highest accuracy
  • Simple handling
  • Networking capability or integration into CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines
  • Optional WinCrimp PC software available

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    Technical Specification

    Crimp Height Measuring Device

    The CHM and CHME crimp height measuring devices are designed to measure the crimp height of crimped cables and wires. Simple handling and highest accuracy make these quality control units indispensable for establishing a complete crimp quality assurance network.




    Measuring of crimp height




    Depending on how you want to integrate crimp height measuring in your production process, there are three different versions available:

    CHM version

    stand-alone version without networking capability


    CHM CrimpCenter version

    full integration with CrimpCenter machine software EASY via TCP/IP interface


    CHME version

    stand-alone version with data storage and networking capability via RS 232 interface

    By using WinCrimp PC software, the CHME can be fully integrated into a crimp quality assurance network. Central analysis of all crimp quality data such as crimp force values, measured crimp heights and pull forces enables you to ensure high quality production and traceability.


    Quality assurance network with WinCrimp