Schleuniger Pull Tester 26

Product Benefits

  • Speed controlled motor provides extremely consistent readings
  • 4 pulling modes for destructive & non-destructive tests
  • 2 separate displays for easy reading & programming
  • Standard RS 232 interface for curve analysis and downloading test data
  • Networking capability

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    Technical Specification

    Pull Force Testing Device

    Schleuniger’s PullTester 26 is a dual-range, motorized benchtop device designed to measure pull forces of wire crimp connections as well as ultrasonic metal welding connections on a wider range of wire than single-range pull test devices. The PullTester 26 is specially suited for quality assurance in a production environment.

    The measured values are indispensible parameters for quality control and assurance (e.g. IEC 60352-2 standard). Certain standards require measuring at the maximum measured force (destructive test). In addition to the base model PullTester 25, the PullTester 26 can also perform non-destructive tests (hold to a specified force). It also features an additional pulling mode where the wire is pulled until the required target value is reached, then hold in this position and as a further step then pulled until the crimped connection breaks.

    Two Individual Displays

    Two individual displays show all necessary data: Measured values are indicated in the upper display and operators are automatically prompted to save them after each job. All job settings (e.g. target value) are permanently visible during operation in the lower LCD display. Its four lines make menu navigation easier than ever. Terminal names are clearly stated simplifying the choice of a measuring sequence.

    Measure Highest Accuracy

    The versatile PullTester 26 has two measuring ranges which are individually calibrated enabling the use if its 500 N (110 lb.) scale for small wires, while easily switching to its 1000 N (220 lb.) scale for larger wires. This dual-range capability ensures the highest accuracy for the widest range of applications.

    The standard 12 position terminal holder accommodates a wide variety of terminals to suit most applications, however, a variety of terminal holders are available upon request.

    Hand actuated or pneumatic pull test devices can give inconsistent data depending on the operator or pull rate. The IEC standard specifies that a pull tester measures with a consistent pull rate. The Schleuniger PullTester 26 is equipped with a controlled speed motor, ensuring consistent pull rates throughout the measuring range wihich means repeatable and accurate data. Pull forces can be measured in pounds, Newton or kilopounds.

    Integrate The PullTester 26 Into Your Network

    The PullTester 26 can be integrated into a quality network which ties in crimp height, pull test and crimp force data. Pull test data can be stored in the PullTester 26 for future reference or to be downloaded for statistical evaluation. Curve analysis and statistics can also be evaluated via the optional WinCrimp PC software.