Fibre Optic Cable Stripping

Machines to strip glass optical fiber (GOF) cables,and jacket stripping, Kevlar cutting and fiber optic buffer & coating stripping all with one single machine.

Schleuniger FibreStrip 7035

The extremely light FirerStrip 7035 was specifically designed for use in a production environment or during the installation of cable systems with fibre ribbons with 2 up to 18 fibres. The FibreStrip 7035 handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

Schleuniger FibreOptic 7045

The FibreOptic 7045 is a powerful, fully programmable stripping machine for the complete stepped processing of Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) cables. It handles strip lengths up to 70 mm.

Schleuniger FibreStrip 7030

Schleuniger's state-of-the-art FibreStrip 7030 is specifically designed for stripping buffers and/or coatings from glass fibres with the highest possible quality and repeatability. This machine handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

Schleuniger UniStrip 2545

The UniStrip 2545 is a pneumatic wire and cable stripping machine specifically designed for jacket stripping of Glass Fibre Optic (GOF) cables and discrete wires up to 3.2mm OD. At a wire size range of 0.03 - 2.08 mm² (AWG 14 - 32), the compact machine strips lengths from 25 up to 45mm.

Schleuniger Cayman Software

Cayman is a wire processing software program to control the PowerStrip 9500, CompactStrip 9200, OmniStrip 9450 and the MegaStrip 9600 automatic wire and cable cut & strip machines via your PC.