Schleuniger FiberStrip 7030

Product Benefits

  • High precision stripping of buffers and coatings from glass optical fibres
  • Light and portable - for field use and work cell
  • Adjustable temperature heating and dwell time system

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    Technical Specification

    Schleuniger’s state-of-the-art FiberStrip 7030 is specifically designed for stripping buffers and/or coatings from glass fibres with the highest possible quality and repeatability. This machine handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

    Application Range

    The FiberStrip 7030 is extremely light and portable (0.7 kg/1.54 lbs.) making it well suited for field use, although it is equally well suited for high production use in a work cell. This machine strips single fibre in a semi-automatic fashion without touching the glass fibre. The FiberStrip 7030 is designed for stripping single coated and buffered fibres. It serves as an ideal companion to cleaving and splicing devices for standard and high strength splicing.

    Guaranteed Quality

    The FiberStrip 7030 overcomes the variability in strip quality that is typical of manual stripping methods. This is accomplished with features such as the precision die blade and centering system, the adjustable temperature heating and dwell time system and the rate controlled stripping system. Special grippers are available for use with jacketed cables and adaptors are available to accept the more popular fusion splicer fibre holders on the market.

    Variable System

    A variety of optional quick-change clamping systems are available, allowing the machine to be modified to hold the type of fibre being processed. Adapters are available to accept the docking of fibre holders from many different fusion splicer manufacturers.

    Controlled Process

    The fibre to be stripped is heated up to a preset temperature for a preset dwell time. Once the dwell time is complete, the coating is stripped from the fibre at a constant, adjustable speed. These features, coupled with the precision mechanics, result in a cleanly stripped fibre. This accuracy and repeatability make it possible to strip fibre ribbon without causing the fibres to spread (fan out) after stripping.