Schleuniger FiberOptic 7010

Product Benefits

  • Economic solution for cutting of Kevlar strength members
  • Precision cutting
  • Easy handling
  • Extremely light

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    Technical Specification

    The low-cost FiberOptic 7010 cuts and removes the Kevlar material of fibre optic cables with complete accuracy to a remaining length between 3 and 60 mm.

    An efficient vacuum system, activated by means of a foot pedal, separates the Kevlar material from the optical conductor of the cable. The Kevlar is then positioned between the cutting head and anvil. The number of cutting strokes can be adapted to the thickness of the material by means of operating the foot pedal several times.

    Application Range

    The FiberOptic 7010 Kevlar cutting machine cuts and removes Kevlar fibres from optical fibre wires. Kevlar, used as a strength member, is very hard to cut with common tools, such as scissors. The patented system easily separates and draws the Kevlar into the cutting head, where it is severed. An efficient vacuum system with a micro-pore filter disposes of the separated Kevlar, ensuring that no fibres can reach the respiratory organs. The built-in vacuum system separates the Kevlar strands from the fibre optic wire and positions them in the cutting head. A pneumatic initiated stroke of the cutting blade onto the anvil accurately severs the fibres. The number of cutting strokes can be adapted to the thickness of the material.

    This extremely light benchtop machine is easy to operate and guarantees repeatable results and a precise cutting performance.

    The FiberOptic 7010 is best deployed in a work cell with other Schleuniger machines for Glass Optical Fibre (GOF) processing:

    ■  EcoCut 3300: cutting to length

    ■  UniStrip 2545: the jacket is stripped partially and can easily be removed by hand

    ■  FiberOptic 7010: severing and removal of the Kevlar strands

    ■  FiberStrip 7030: stripping of the buffer and / or coating