Schleuniger CrimpCenter 64

Product Benefits

  • High performance and short setup times
  • Simple operation with state-of-the-art software and touchscreen
  • Easy network integration
  • Open platform concept
  • Wide range of options and accessories available

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    Technical Specification

    Fully Automatic Crimping Machine with 4 Stations

    The CrimpCenter 64 is a fully automatic swivel arm crimping machine with 4 processing stations. At a maximum feed rate of 12 m/s, the CrimpCenter 64 allows high-quality crimping, sealing, twisting and tinning of wires from 0.15 to 6 mm² at maximum productivity.

    Various configuration possibilities make the CrimpCenter 64 one of the most flexible machines in its class. From Seal to Seal applications to twisting & tinning or doubling crimp applications, the flexible platform of the CrimpCenter 64 can be configured according to your production requirements.

    With the optionally available thin & short wire processing kits, the CrimpCenter 64 easily processes wires down to 0.05 mm² at a minimum wire length of only 35 mm.

    Options Overview

    A wide range of options allow you to further enhance the processing capabilities or customize the fully automatic crimping machine (CST) to your specific needs.

    Minimize Setup Time – Maximize Productivity

    All CrimpCenter models excel with exceptionally high processing speed. With a unique system to reduce change-over times for cut strip terminate (CST) machines, Schleuniger has taken into account that productivity is more than just speed and that short setup and change-over times can significantly increase your output.

    With the innovative ToolingShuttle 60 (a mobile quick-change unit), change-over of a crimping station takes less than 30 seconds. Depending on how often you change applications, this system can increase your productivity by 30% and more.

    ToolingShuttle 60

    The CrimpCenter 64 incorporates the lastest techology in precision mechanics, electronics, software and networking. Highest output rates, short setup times and industry standard setting user-friendliness in both operation and maintenance make the CrimpCenter 64 a new generation cut strip terminate (CST) machine.

    measure & cut to length

    length encoder

    horizontal and vertical wire straightener

    full strip both sides

    2 step strip both sides

    partial strip both sides

    Crimp to Crimp (crimping of both wire ends)

    Crimp to Crimp (closed barrel applications)

    Crimp to Seal

    Seal to Seal (crimp and seal both wire ends)

    Twist & Tin to Crimp

    Twist & Tin to Seal

    Doubling Crimp (same terminal on both wire ends)

    Doubling Crimp (3 different terminals)

    Doubling Crimp with Seal (same terminal & seal on wire ends)

    programmable horizontal and vertical doubling

    Integrated crimp force monitoring (with SLP 2000 C and SLP 2000 CP)

    good / bad sorting

    wire list processing (sequencing)

    Change-over of crimp applicator, terminal reel and paper winder in less than 30 seconds with ToolingShuttle 60 using Plug & Crimp

    Zip cord processing* (slitting and crimping of both wire ends)

    window strip*

    splice detection*

    pull-out force measuring* (pullforce measuring)

    crimp height measuring*

    electric crimp height adjustment*

    inkjet wire printing / marking*

    network integration*