Schleuniger CrimpCenter 36 S

Product Benefits

  • Compact modular design
  • Great flexibility with up to 6 processing stations
  • High end components for highest precision
  • Easy operations with touchscreen and icon-based EASY software
  • Simple network integration in existing infrastructure with standard TCP/IP

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    Technical Specification

    The new CrimpCenter 36 S is a fully automatic crimping machine with up to six processing stations. The successor to the CrimpCenter 36 utilizes new design concepts to even further increase precision, durability and over-all user friendliness while further reducing set-up time. Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of applications to be processed with cross sections from 0.13 to 4 mm² (26 – 12 AWG).  Dynamic, powerful servo drives combined with an intelligent control system provide high production rates to meet the most demanding production schedules. Production parameters are entered with the touch screen monitor via the intuitive, menu-guided graphical user interface to reduces training time and minimize entry errors. All parameters such as wire data, crimp data or seal data can be saved and retrieved for future use. Machine documentation including operating instructions, spare parts identification drawings and schematics are all stored electronically in the machine software for immediate access when needed.

    Processing Capabilities

    Crimp (open or closed barrel terminals)

    Seal (one or both ends)

    Twist and Tin

    Doubling Crimp (2 or 3 terminals)

    Coaxial Cable (crimp or tin)

    Marking (ink jet or hot stamp)

    Increase Productivity

    With feeding speeds of up to 8 m/s (26.3 ft/s), fine-tuned swivel arm movement, optimized internal communication, and fully integrated processing stations, CrimpCenter machines offer unparalleled levels of performance for today’s most demanding applications. To minimize machine downtime, the CrimpCenter 36 S utilizes new quick-change mechanisms, wire feed assist and integrated lighting. It is compatible with Schleuniger’s innovative ToolingShuttle System (TSS). The Tooling Shuttle 30 combines crimp applicator, terminal reel and paper winder in one mobile unit to minimize applicator and terminal changes. To further optimize production, the CrimpCenter 36 S can be easily integrated in any network with standard TCP/IP. The optional EASY Production Server software can be used to network all of your CrimpCenter machines and allows central management of production orders and distribution of the orders to individual CrimpCenter machines.

    Processing Stations

    Processing stations communicate via TCP/IP for short internal communication times and flexible configurations.

    UniCrimp 221 Crimping station with integrated CFM 20

    UniCrimp 222 Crimping station with integrated CFM 20 and electronic crimp height control

    SLU 3000 Seal loading station

    SLD 4100 Double gripper module

    STW 1100 Twisting station

    STS 1100 Tinning station

    CoaxStrip 5400 Coaxial cable stripper