Schleuniger CoaxCenter 6000

Product Benefits

  • Compact modular design with unbeatable precision
  • QCam 360 automatically monitors the stripping quality
  • Great flexibility with various processing stations
  • Short changeover times with fast and simple machine set-up
  • Simultaneous processing of both cable ends

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    Technical Specification

    CoaxCenter 6000The new CoaxCentre 6000 is a fully automatic machine for processing micro-coaxial and coaxial cables as well as single conductor wires. The new design concept provides unbeatable precision combined with the flexibility and versatility needed in modern production lines. It can be equipped with various processing stations to suit your requirements. A high production output is possible due to the short changeover times, fast and simple set-up and simultaneous processing of both cable ends.


    Function Principle

    Within today’s modern communication technology, increasing requirements for data transmission, with regard to data volume and safety, require more complex transmission mechanisms. This increases the requirements for antenna components. Consequently, the demands for processing the micro-coaxial cables and coaxial cables required for these antenna components are also increasing.

    • It has become practically impossible to achieve the required length tolerances with manual work or with semi-automatic tools
    • Therefore, the cable ends have to be tested systematically. Use of microscopes or magnifying glasses is inefficient and the quality of such measurements is subject to fluctuations. Experience has shown that the individual assessment of the quality of such fine structures varies with the time of day and from person to person
    • Transporting the cables between the individual steps is also problematic. Even the smallest touch to the cable end can bend it and render the cable unusable. In the worst case scenario this can even result in failure of the end product

    Our solution to this challenge is the CoaxCenter 6000. It automates all cable assembly steps in one highly flexible machine platform. After cutting the cable, the cable end is held by one single gripper during all processes. That means there is no transfer. The cable retains its exact position and is therefore fed to the individual stations with maximum positioning accuracy. These stations were specially designed for the demanding requirements of this application:

    • RotaryUnit 6000: The RotaryUnit 6000 is a unique, rotary stripping unit in which the individual cable layers are incised and stripped with the highest precision. A centering device, consisting of six segments, ensures that the cable is kept in its optimum position during the incision without being damaged by the clamping pressure. The stripped cable parts are removed by a powerful extraction. Mechanics and extraction are designed to be operated in multiple shifts without maintenance interruptions
    • QCam 360: The QCam 360 is an extremely high quality camera system, which inspects and tests the cable ends directly after stripping. In addition, the QCam 360 can test other process steps, such as determining if the crimp terminal is seated correctly on the cable end after crimping
    • After all process steps have been carried out automatically, the cable is set down with a specially developed tweezer gripper without damaging the cable ends

    In addition to the specially developed processing stations, crimp presses and other stations from third-party suppliers can also be integrated. The QCam 360 can also check the process steps carried out with these stations.