GLW LC 100

Product Benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Rugged Design
  • Max. cutting capacity: 8 mm

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Technical Specification

The LC 100 is optimally suited for both short runs and production runs thanks to its simple operation rugged design.

Two driven transport rollers and separately running measurement rollers guarantee precise cutting length.

A material change could not be simpler. As the front flaps swivel down, the drive and measurement rollers are automatically moved away from each. The material being cut is inserted and when the front flap closes, the driven and measurement rollers position themselves automatically.

For cutting sensitive materials, the application force of the drive roller can be readjusted.

With the software supplied with each LC 100 it is possible to process and document repeat cutting orders directly on the PC and to transfer them to the LC 100.

Rapid change of material thanks to self-adjusting measurement and transport rollers

LC 100SL Special Design 

Cross cutting Machine only for tubes up to OD 8 mm.

Straight cut surfaces thanks to the use of special blade guides