Schleuniger Iguana Software

Product Benefits

  • Simple icons for easy programming
  • Programming can be done on a separate PC or directly on machine
  • Graphical display shows programmed cable, wire lists and more
  • Easy upload and download of data
  • Backup and restore functionality

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    Wire Management Has Never Been Easier

    Iguana is a PC software for wire management of Schleuniger’s semi-automatic programmable stripping machines. Upload and download functions allow programming to be carried out either directly in the software or on the machine – using the same icons and functionalities. To ensure correct programming, Iguana automatically detects the connected machine model.

    Iguana PC Software with programmed coaxial cable

    With graphical display of programmed cables, wire list management, printing of all programmed parameters per cable, backup & restore functionality, and simple machine software upgrade, Iguana simplifies handling of your semi-automatic stripping machine and increases your productivity.

    As all programming can be done on a separate PC, the wire stripping machine is not blocked during programming, thus saving precious production time. Simple icons and menu-guided operation make wire management easier than ever.

    Cable Programming At Its Simplest

    Iguana is available for the following machines:

    •  CoaxStrip 5300

    •  CoaxStrip 5300 NT

    •  CoaxStrip 5300 RX

    •  CoaxStrip 5300 MX

    •  CoaxStrip 5400

    •  CoaxStrip 5500

    •  UniStrip 2600

    •  EcoCut 3200 (menu BASICS only)

    •  EcoCut 3300 (menu BASICS only)

    •  PowerCut 3700 (menu BASICS only)