Schleuniger CenterStrip CSU

Product Benefits

  • Full insulation cut-out (window)
  • Easy integration with various automatic wire processing machines
  • Excellent accessibility with vertically raising safety cover
  • Fast and simple change-over to other cross sections / stripping lengths

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    Technical Specification

    The CenterStrip CSU is designed to precisely strip insulation windows from wires and multilayer cables in a range from 0.34 – 8 mm² (16 – 8 AWG). Short cycle times, simple operation and easy integration make the CenterStrip CSU an ideal add-on to automatic wire processing systems such as cutting machines or cut & strip machines. The CenterStrip CSU completely removes the insulation at programmed positions along the wire. Precise manufacturing of wire specific blades prevents damage to conductor strands. All common insulation types can be processed.