Schleuniger STW 1100

Product Benefits

  • Can be mounted in the crimping press or used as a stand-along station
  • Full integration and control via CrimpCenter EASY operating software
  • Wire cross sections up to 2.5 mm² (14 AWG)

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    Technical Specification

    Twisting Station for CrimpCenter

    The STW 1100 twisting station twists conductor strands and is typically used in conjunction with the STS 1100 tinning station. With its compact design, the STW 1100 can either be mounted as a stand-alone station or mounted in any crimping station using the standard quick-change applicator base plate. Changing applications from twisting to crimping is fast and simple. All of the necessary station calibration settings and processing parameters are stored in the software for future use. The gripper force can be adjusted according to the application. Whether used as a stand-alone station or mounted in a crimping station, operating the STW 1100 is simple and fully integrated.


    • Base frame (required for use as stand-alone station)
    • 23 mm twist length (Side 1 only, depends on wire; testing required)
    • Adapters for different applicator base plate versions

    Compatible with

    • CrimpCenter 36
    • CrimpCenter 63
    • CrimpCenter 64
    • CrimpCenter 67
    • EASY Software