Schleuniger SLP 2000 CP

Product Benefits

  • Integrated crimp force monitoring (CFM 20)
  • Carrier strip cutter
  • Quick change applicator

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    Technical Specification

    The SLP 2000 CP is a crimping station for CrimpCenter 6x series machines. It accepts most 40 mm (1.58”) stroke mini-style crimp applicators for side- or rear-feed terminals. Designed to facilitate high-speed crimping with both mechanical and pneumatic crimp applicators for open and closed crimp barrel terminals, the SLP 2000 CP is perfectly suited for fully automatic processing of wires up to 6 mm² (10 AWG). The SLP 2000 CP offers all of the features of the SLP 2000 C such as standard integrated crimp force montoring and forward and reverse jog capabilities. In addition, the SLP 2000 CP offers electronic crimp height control. Electronic crimp height control will reduce set-up times by minimizing the time required for final applicator adjustments. Also, when using the optional crimp height measuring device (CHM), any variation between the nominal and measured crimp heights can be corrected electronically within a range of +/- 0.5 mm. The benefit is decreased set-up time and increased productivity.


    • Height adjustable base frame (required for use on CrimpCenter models)
    • Carrier strip cutter
    • Various adapters for non-standard crimp applicators (incl. other shut heights)
    • Guide for rear-feed terminal carrier strip types
    • Accessory kit for pneumatic crimp applicators
    • Wire centering device for closed barrel terminals
    • Work light
    • 30 mm press stroke
    • Plug & CrimpTM adapter for ToolingShuttle

    Compatible with

    • CrimpCenter 63
    • CrimpCenter 64
    • CrimpCenter 67
    • EASY Software
    • ToolingShuttle 61
    • ToolingShuttle System (TSS)