Schleuniger STS 1100

Product Benefits

  • Very short cycle times
  • Full integration and control via CrimpCenter operating software EASY
  • For use with lead-free tin
  • Consistently tinned diameters
  • Wire cross sections up to 2.5 mm² (AWG 14), optional up to 4 mm² (AWG 12)

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    Technical Specification

    Tinning Station for Lead-Free Tinning

    The STS 1100 tinning station is designed for fluxing and lead-free tin coating of stripped wire ends with cross sections up to 2.5 mm² (14 AWG) and tinning lengths up to 5 mm (0.2”). Optionally, wire ends with cross sections up 4 mm² (12 AWG) and tinning lengths up to 10 mm (0.39”) can also be processed.

    Optimized for integration in automatic transfer systems, the STS 1100 is perfectly suited for fully automatic crimping machines of the CrimpCenter family.

    Conductor end strands are treated with flux while passing through before tin coating. The tinning station STS 1100 uses lead-free tin and meets all requirements for evenly distributed tin coating.


    flux & tin conductor end strands

    The compact and powerful unit features a unique coating method with 2 nozzles providing for very short cycle times without compromising quality.

    If twisting of conductor end strands is required prior to fluxing / tinning, the STW 1100 twisting station is usually integrated on your CrimpCenter in combination with the STS 1100 tinning station.

    All surfaces of the STS 1100 that are exposed to aggressive lead-free tin (such as tin bath and tin pump), feature a special coating to prevent corrosion and ensure a long product lifetime.

    All parameters are directly programmed in the CrimpCenter machine software EASY.

    Short cycle times, state-of-the-art functionalities and full software integration make the STS 1100 tinning station the perfect solution for high-speed processing.