Schleuniger SLP 2000 C

Product Benefits

  • Integrated crimp force monitoring
  • Accepts all universal crimp applicators
  • Optional split cycle functionality
  • Manual or electric crimp height adjustment

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    Technical Specification

    The SLP 2000 C is a crimping station for CrimpCenter 6x series machines. It accepts most 40 mm (1.58”) stroke mini-style crimp applicators for side- or rear-feed terminals. Designed to facilitate high-speed crimping with both mechanical and pneumatic crimp applicators for open and closed crimp barrel terminals, the SLP 2000 C is perfectly suited for fully automatic processing of wires up to 6 mm² (10 AWG). The SLP 2000 C features integrated crimp force monitoring and can be programmed directly in the Crimp- Center operating software EASY. Measured crimp force data is compared to defined tolerances and faulty crimps are automatically destroyed (good / bad sorting) with the cutting head of the CrimpCenter machine. The electronically controlled motor is extremely quiet and can be set to different cycle speeds depending on the application. Forward / reverse jog controls are also standard.