Schleuniger UniCrimp LPC A

Product Benefits

  • High precision & repeatability according to MIL spec 22520
  • Short cycle times
  • Change-over of terminal type in < 5 minutes
  • Simple operation with PAWOPILOT handheld
  • Crimp depth step-less adjustable

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    Technical Specification

    Crimping Station for Loose Piece Terminals

    The UniCrimp LPC A crimping station processes turned loose piece terminals (closed barrel) with a cross section range from 0.14 – 4 mm² (AWG 26 – 12). With low space requirements and less than 1.5 seconds cycle time, the station has been specifically designed for use in automatic systems such as the Schleuniger CrimpCenter series of fully automatic crimping machines.

    Key component is a highly flexible feeding module that first sorts and separates terminals with an integrated drum / track system and subsequently brings them into the correct crimping position. Operating the UniCrimp LPC A is simple with logical menu structures and an ergonomically designed PAWOPILOT handheld device.

    Thanks to its excellent accessibility from all sides (safety cover lifts up completely), change-overs to other terminals using change-over kits, exchange of the feeding module, or blade changes are done quickly and comfortably. Modular change-over kits reduce machine downtime to a minimum and allow flexible processing of different terminal sizes and geometries (male / female).

    Depending on the terminal feeding type, the UniCrimp LPC A is available in 3 versions:


    Feeding Type 1

    Terminals suspended with crimp zone (C) up


    Feeding Type 2

    Terminals horizontal with crimp zone (C) leading or trailing


    Feeding Type 3

    Terminals suspended with crimp zone (C) down


    Next to common MIL-standard crimp applicators, Schleuniger offers an innovative alternative: the 4 pin – 8-point crimp of the PAWO PrismaCrimper with integrated step-less crimp depth adjustment and the possibility of integrating crimp force monitoring.

    Feeding process with terminal gripper

    High-precision mechanics combined with proven sorting & feeding technology, integrated process monitoring, short cycle times, and simple operation make the UniCrimp LPC A a reliable solution tailored to individual production requirements for flexible high-precision processing of loose piece terminals.

    The UniCrimp LPC A automatic crimping station is also available as semi-automatic benchtop crimping machine (UniCrimp LPC B) and as stripper-crimper (StripCrimp LPC).