Schleuniger KM-CFK

Product Benefits

  • reliable compacting process
  • very short cycle times
  • easy adjusting for various wire cross sections
  • quality assurance with automatic data storage (optional PC controller)

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    Technical Specification

    Compacting  Station (Resistance Welding)

    With the Strunk compacting station KM-CFK, stripped wire ends from 0.5 up to 6 mm┬▓ (20 AWG up to 10 AWG) are compacted with a resistance welding process on fully automatic crimping machines of the CrimpCenter series. Depending on the CrimpCenter model, one or both wire ends are compacted or the compacting process can be combined with other processing steps.

    The stripped wire end is positioned in the tooling of the compacting station by the swivel arm of the CrimpCenter. Then the individual strands are compacted between vertically installed electrodes. On both sides, ceramic plates determine the compacting width.

    stranded wire compacted by resistance welding on KM-CFK compacting station

    Change-over of electrodes and ceramic plates for different wire cross sections is easy and fast. Welding parameters can be monitored during the entire process and saved for quality checking when using the optional PC control unit. All data is available for quality assurance and analysis.