Schleuniger SLD 4100

Product Benefits

  • Space-saving, fully pneumatic module
  • Horizontal or vertical doubling
  • Wires to be doubled can have different lengths
  • All parameters are fully programmable (no mechanical adjustments)
  • Simple programming directly in CrimpCenter EASY software

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    Technical Specification

    Double Gripper Module for CrimpCenter

    The SLD 4100 double gripper module gathers two single wires with outer diameters from 1 – 4 mm (0.039” – 0.157”) in the proper orientation allowing the swivel arm gripper to collect them. The wires are then moved to a separate station for termination into a doubling crimp. The wires may have different lengths.

    Depending on the terminal design, wire orientation can be either vertical or horizontal and is fully programmable in the CrimpCenter EASY operating software. No tools are needed for changes.

    EASY Software

    The SLD 4100 double gripper module can be used on almost all models of the CrimpCenter family. Its space-saving design and fully pneumatic functioning guarantee easy integration and retrofit.

    Processing Capabilities


    doubling crimp

    (same terminal)

    doubling crimp

    (different terminals)

    doubling crimp

    (with same seal/crimp)

    doubling crimp

    (with twist/tin and crimp)

    doubling crimp

    (with seal/crimp and crimp)